Meet Monica

Monica Wofford has been a business owner since 2003. President and CEO of Contagious Companies, she first began her career as a speaker and trainer in 1989 with a keynote to more than 8,600 fellow students. Wofford has been a training executive, sales professional, customer service manager and student, acquiring her MBA while working. Today, she works with managers who were promoted, but not prepared and teaches them the skills to lead. She’s been Interviewed on CNN and FOX News, is an accomplished author, has served on national and local boards, and is a conservative hard working leader.

Monica Believes We Must…


Together we must continue to attract high wage paying jobs to our community.  Promoting conservative economic policies have spurred record job growth in Florida. We must keep our economy on track.


Protecting our children and vulnerable seniors must be a priority.  Florida needs to support local law enforcement and give them the tools they need to keep criminals off our streets.  We must also make sure we are a nation of laws.  Making sanctuary cities illegal and enforcing our immigration laws must be made a priority.


Our community, our individual liberties, our faith, and our families deserve preservation. Together we will preserve these conservative values and beliefs which we hold most dear.


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“We must keep Florida on track for being the number one place in the nation for job growth, education, and prosperity, and do so while being able to maintain our beliefs in faith and family. These and other conservative principles have helped to bring our state out of the recession and conservative principles will keep us out. It will be a privilege to serve as our community’s voice for Conservative values,”

– Monica Wofford